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Biliary Tract Cancers

Biliary Tract Cancers

What are biliary tract cancers?

Cancers originating from the biliary tract that starts as thin channels in the liver, merges, grows and ends in the duodenum. According to its location, it is divided into 2 groups as intrahepatic and extrahepatic biliary tract cancers.

What is the treatment for intrahepatic biliary tract cancers?

Liver resection is the most effective treatment for tumors that have not spread beyond the liver, if they can be surgically removed with clean margins. However, the rule here is that the remaining liver is sufficient for the patient.

What is the treatment for non-hepatic biliary tract cancers?

These patients usually present with jaundice due to the obstruction of bile flow by the tumor. If it is possible to surgically remove the tumor with clean borders, surgery is the most effective treatment. After the tumor tissue is removed during surgery, a pathway is created to ensure the flow of bile to the intestine.

What can be done if the operation is not possible in advanced biliary tract cancers?

Bile, whose flow is blocked due to the tumor, should be taken into the intestine or out of the body. If this is not done, the patient will develop jaundice. Liver functions and general condition deteriorate. The obstruction can be overcome with stents to be placed in the bile duct with PTC from the outside or ERCP from the intestinal tract.

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